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Big news about SEO and web design services for businesses and organizations in the Twin Cities. There are several qualified SEO companies in Minneapolis and St. Paul Minnesota, but one that we found to really stand out is SEO Minneapolis St. Paul a Twin Cities Based online marketing agency.

When it comes to online marketing, you want to hire an experienced Search Engine Optimization company that can get you results.  For years, black SEO agencies have been trying to game the system to manipulate the search engines. It was only a matter of time before the algorithms changed and did in the sites that hired back website ranking companies.

Why hire an SEO agency

Why hire an SEO agency

Let’s think about it. Google’s purposes it to deliver high quality search results for its users. As a searcher, you want to get relevant results.  Creating a well designed website along with marketing your business ethically with the best practices, you will result in a long term brand and top web positions.

We recently talked with several e-business owners about their online marketing experience   over the past couple of years. Some online businesses have seen positive results in the SEPS while other have seen their online businesses supper and tumble due to black hat and unethical SEO.

Many website owners have taken notice and are starting to be very careful when hiring an Search Engine Marketing Company.  We spoke with the Web Manager at Excel High School, an regionally accredited online high school and they had some pretty bad luck with their previous marketing agency. They had suffered a significant penalty with some links their previous SEO placed.

Northgate Academy Online High School 
Online High School Diploma

What did we learn? Also suffered from choosing the wrong SEO. They learned from their mistakes and hired a white hat SEO to help to recover their websites that offer height increasing shoes to customers worldwide. It is a bad situation when your website takes a nose dive on the rankings.

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